BCA Full Form

What is the Full Form of BCA?

BCA- Bachelor of Computer Application

BCA full form is Bachelor of computer application it is 3-year undergraduate course. There are 6 semesters in BCA. In which course students study computer applications and information. It is available both as a degree ( regular and distance learning). Last semester of BCA’s students have to submit their project it is very important. After BCA students can apply for their internship otherwise they can study MCA.

BCA Full Form

Subjects of BCA

This is a 3-year course divided into 6 semesters. All semester has 5 subjects.

1st Year : 1st Semester

  1. Communicative English
  2. Basic mathematics
  3. Introduction to computer
  4. Procedure oriented programming
  5. Financial accounting

1st Year : 2nd Semester

  1. Discrete mathematics
  2. Database management system
  3. Data structure
  4. Digital electronics
  5. Operating system

2nd Year : 3rd Semester

  1. Organizational behavior
  2. Optimization techniques
  3. Computer graphics
  4. Computer system architecture
  5. Object-oriented programming with c++

2nd Year : 4th Semester

  1. Digital communication and network
  2. Numerical analysis and statistical techniques
  3. UNIX and shell programming
  4. Environmental science
  5. Java programming

3rd Year : 5th Semester

  1. Software engineering
  2. Artificial intelligence
  3. Python
  4. Theory of computational
  5. Web technology

3rd Year : 6th Semester

  • Project works

Criteria to Get Admission of BCA

Students must have completed 10+2 required board. Some universities conduct entrance test to get admission in this course. Minimum 45% is compulsory for admission. Some of University Mathematic is compulsory in 10+2. Some other no need for mathematics, commerce students can study BCA.

Career Options After BCA

  • Web developer
  • Hackers
  • Program developer
  • Software developer
  • System administrator
  • Programmer

Advantages of BCA

BCA graduates have good job prospects both private and government sector companies. After passing BCA successfully students can apply for their internship and find a satisfying job. In which course many sectors job is available like oracle, IBM, Infosys, etc.


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