ARMY Full Form

The army is not an acronym, it is derived from the Latin word “armada”.  Armada means “armed” or “armed force”. The short name is Army which means a group of men that are armed to fight for the nation.

What Is The Full Form Of “ARMY”?

ARMY- Alert Regular Mobility Young

A – Alert

R – Regular

M – Mobility

Y – Young

What is the Meaning of “ARMY”?

ARMY is an organized military force equipped for fighting on land.

Indian Army  Related Full Forms

Short NameFull Form
ADCArmy Dental Corps
AMCArmy Medical Corps
ASCArmy Service Corps
AOCArmy Ordinance Corps
EMEElectrical & Mechanical Engineers
INSASIndian Small Arms System
NCCNational Cadet Corps
SLRSelf Loading Rifle
BPETBattle Physical Efficiency Test
PPTPhysical Proficiency Test
CVConcession Voucher
CHMCompany Havildar Major
BHMBattalion Havildar Major
RHMRegiment Havildar Major
JCOJunior Commission Officer
NCONon Commission Officer
OROther Rank
MNSMilitary Nursing Service
SKTStore Keeper Technical
NANursing Assistant
GDGeneral Duty
COCommanding Officer
2ICSecond In Command
MOMedical Officer
RMORegiment Medical Officer
DMODuty Medical Officer
SEMOSenior Executive Medical Officer
GOCGeneral Officer Commanding
COASChief Of Army Staff
PVCParam Vir Chakra
VCVir Chakra
ACAshok Chakra
PVSMParam Vishisth Seva Medal
VSMVishisth Seva Medal
SMSena Medal
UYSMUttam Yudh Seva Medal
SMSubedar Major
NSGNational Security Guard
AADArmy Air Defence
ALAnnual Leave
CLCasual Leave
SLSick Leave
CBRNChemical Biological Radiological Nuclear
PTPhysical Training
DGDirector General
WTWeapon Training
RPRegimental Police
CMPCorps Of Military Police
AMEAnnual Medical Exam
PMEPeriodic Medical Exam
RMBRelease Medical Board
IMBInvalid Medical Board
RTReligious Teacher
ARCAnnual Range Classification
SHAPEPsychiatry Hearing Appendages Physical Eye
QMQuarter Master
CILQCompensation In Lieu Of Quarter
HRAHouse Rent Allowance
TPALTransportation Allowance
CEAChildren Education Allowance
HAAHigh Altitude Allowance
FAAFamily Accomodation Allowance
AFPPArmed Forces Personal Provident Fund
PLIPostal Life Insurance
MSPMilitary Service Pay
ZROZonal Recruitment Office


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